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Team PledgeMe are road tripping from Invercargill to Kerikeri this winter. We’re doing this to talk shop in all the regions about how companies and organisations can raise funds to grow through equity crowdfunding and crowdlending.

Earlier this year we started CrowdfundingU, which is a six-session programme to helps companies ready themselves to raise capital through their crowds. So to kick the winter semester off we’re bringing the first of these sessions to Christchurch…

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Band competitions, they present an interesting proposition, pitting musician against musician, creating allies and rivalries and ultimately awarding someone with a title of being the best of the best.

Rollicking and rolling out of the woolliest corners of Auckland’s wild west, it’s The Nukes, New Zealand’s most feared and revered original ukulele trio.

Comprised of Dave “Fingers of fire” Parker, David “Snapper” Thiele and Benjamin “Country boy” Collier, The Nukes have a reputation for reckless and riveting live shows where a fine blend of folk, bluegrass, reggae and post punk is caressed, coaxed and beaten out of three innocent wee ukuleles.   

Nominations for the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards 2016 are now open. Unless otherwise specified, nominations are open to NZ recordings released during the eligibility period of 1 July 2015 - 31 July 2016


Terms and Conditions of Entry

You can view 2016 Eligibility Criteria and Category Definitions here: 



Album streaming figures, revised certification criteria and new Heatseeker charts will be introduced into the official NZ Music Charts today 17 June 2016.

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Late last year, BeatBox rehearsal space in Christchurch launched and hosted a series of intimate gigs which were filmed, recorded and released as BoxFresh Live! We are now very proud to release the next series of gigs, this time featuring all new artists, and a different location over at our neighbour’s place, inside Sawtooth Studios. Our aim with this second instalment is to present a lush production in a beautiful, intimate studio setting. Each time we aim to present something specifically unique for the bands, audiences and those following each BoxFresh Live!