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Amiria Grenell

Candice Milner is a 16 year old folk singer and songwriter originating in Lyttelton. She has been singing and writing songs since she was 14 years of age. Her first song to be officially released was 'Helping Hands' raising money for CanTeen, a youth cancer foundation.

CHART is pleased to present our latest instalment in the CHART CD series, with the release of our new Emerging Artists compilation. This free music sampler contains a selection of some of the talented and exciting new artists that are coming out of our city at present.

The recent chance discovery of an overgrown headstone in a cemetery near Manchester, England has brought a previously unknown chapter of family history to light.

The words on the headstone were "William Burton, died in New Zealand Sept 12th 1914 aged 27 years".

The road is long from New Zealand to europe and Flip Grater is already on her third album. her first album Cage For A Song (2006) has some echoes of the folk and alt-country scene.

'Holly Arrowsmith is the new name in folk worth keeping your eye on.’

This Southern songstress is turning heads all over the world, with her acoustically driven stirring sound, poetic, thought provoking lyrics, and a distinctively haunting voice.  

skiffle:ˈskɪf(ə)l : a style of 1920s and 1930s jazz deriving from blues, ragtime, and folk music, using both improvised and conventional instruments.

Musician, raconteur, fisherman, weather reporter.

Marlon Williams is an award winning singer-songwriter from town of Lyttelton, New Zealand.

Following the success of her debut record ‘Over My Shoulder’, Tui-award finalist Mel Parsons has just   released her brand new album RED GREY BLUE to wide critical acclaim: the Sunday Star Times giving it 4.5/5 stars and calling it a “cross-hybrid pop gem”; and t

'Pocket full Of Rain' is the new E.P. recorded over summer at local scene studio All Plastic Records. Mustard regrouped and found themselves in the classic line up of two guitars, bass and drums.

Sometimes the song is the easy part. Listening to Nadia Reid it seems that way, they appear (on stage and on record) fully formed, alive in the world, born and crafted with a weight that belies their authors young age.

The Delirious Three were thrust into existence after entering and winning the inaugural Christchurch ‘Festival Of Flowers’ song writing competition.

It's been a hard working year for the River Jesters. With Tom storming the country on X-factor and Michael making his mark with his project Operation Underground, it's amazing how the duo managed to make and release the eclectic blend of boy-time blues that is Really Bad Apples.

A collective with the idea of collectin' songs for donations is the plan...songs of heart swung with the warmest acoustic instruments and the sharpest electrics sung with guts and hope....

Husband and Wife duo Andrew and Victoria Knopp put together 'The Response' as a retaliation against the covers, and session gigs that make up the majority of the music they play.

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