‘ahoribuzz’ is the brainchild of Aaron Tokona (Weta, Bongmaster, Cairo Knife Fight).

Alice-Louise has just released her debut single 'Puzzle Of A Day' today on iTunes.

18 year old Asti-Loren’s sound familiarises itself with pop giants like Ellie Goulding, Lorde and Lana del Rey. She draws influences from iconic bands such as Fleetwood Mac and The Zombies and intertwines this with a sense of darkness and depth through atmospheric layers and ambience.

Anyone who has seen one of August Fields’ high energy shows will know that what they bring to the stage is crowd-engaging power pop tunes with foundations in punk, rock and gospel.

There are a myriad of ways to describe NZ rock outfit, Ashei, but one word that really summarises their so-far 5 year journey in sharing their music is simply: determination.

CHART is pleased to present our latest instalment in the CHART CD series, with the release of our new Emerging Artists compilation. This free music sampler contains a selection of some of the talented and exciting new artists that are coming out of our city at present.

Luxury Products chase the flaming shot of their hotly-tipped 39 Clocks relesase with a long overdue re-release of this cracked pop classic from New Zealand's Axemen.

Take a trip to an elevated and dark New Zealand Trip-hop land, where the mood is sexual and the sounds are wet. The tracks by Doprah are purely prickly and make us all hot and bothered beneath the waistline.

Christchurch musician Alexander Harmer is set to release his debut album on the 24th of May this year.

Emily Cherie is an acoustic singer/songwriter based in Christchurch. Drawing influence from jazz, blues, pop and folk, she digs into the groove of her guitar and layers it up with smooth vocals. Her stylistic original set list is not to be missed!

The road is long from New Zealand to europe and Flip Grater is already on her third album. her first album Cage For A Song (2006) has some echoes of the folk and alt-country scene.

Hera is an acoustic singer-songwriter who hails from both Iceland - her land of birth, and New Zealand - the land she currently calls home.

Christchurch's PHANTOM EMPIRE have released their debut “mini-album". The album with it's apocalyptic narrative is aptly entitled "If The World Burns".

Four piece outfit Imaginary Blues Machine endeavor to bring attitude back to pop/rock, taking influence from diverse artists such as Kimbra, Queens of the Stoneage and Franz Ferdinand in creating their simple pop lathed rock and roll.

Up and coming Christchurch artist Laura Hunter, now based in Auckland, released her highly anticipated EP ‘Quiet Underwater’ on the 21st of June 2013, after an organic process of developing, collaborating and performing with Producer/Musician, Lukas Kelly.

Libeau's debut album 'Led By The Moon' was forged during many late nights recording on her laptop in Christchurch, New Zealand, formulating a mixture of deep atmospherics blended with soulful vocals and harmonies with dark angular beats.

Lupus Lunar is a Christchurch rock quintet based around the triple wailing guitars and close harmony singing of Dylan Hawes, Ari Freeman and Chris Noël. Sitting over the solid rhythmical foundations of bassist Nick Vassar and drummer Steve Howden.

It's been over two years in the making, recording in five different studios, including local hero Ben Edwards' Sitting Room.

Pop meets rock, punk meets funk, Mari Slack is all about music. The debut EP from Christchurch based singer is geared up to be an impressive first release. Though this was produced independently, you wouldn’t know it from a casual (or even careful) listen.

Matty Smith is no stranger to the New Zealand music scene having performed as front man for rock n roll outfit Von Voin Strum for the past 5 years.

Drawn to house beats and electro synths while partially immobile rehabilitating from an injury, jazz-trained drummer, pianist, guitarist, and trombonist Miles McDougall established his solo project Pikachunes with the release of his first album through Lil’ Chief Records in late 2011.

Natalie Slade is a singer/ songwriter who works on a range of musical projects. She was born in Oz, but is based in Quake City, New Zealand. The music she makes is influenced by all the genres she loves, being jazz, soul, funk, spoken word & hip hop, electronic, and alternative forms of pop.

Phil Parkes is an indie pop-rock singer songwriter based in Christchurch.  Phil has recently released the second single from his forthcoming EP “There Is Nothing In My Head.”

Up and coming artist Laura Hunter, releases her highly anticipated EP on the 21 of June after an organic process of developing, collaborating and performing with Producer/Musician, Lukas Kelly.

On Christmas Day, 2012, The Helpful released their second EP, "Relationships are the stuff of life, James". Another entirely self-produced effort, this new EP is rockin' at times and delicate at others.

X-Ray Charles are pleased to announce the release of the first decent thing they’ve released, really – a self-titled EP named Selph Titled.

Christchurch based Singer-songwriter Shayna King is the latest rising talent to emerge onto  the New Zealand music scene.

Blending together falsetto melodies and glamorous beats, New Zealand alternative band Skymachine has created a sound that is heavily influenced by past eras, and thrust into the modern day.

Sparkle Kitty formed in 2013 where members came from a diverse range of musical backgrounds to create a dynamic new act producing an ethereal electronic sound.

Taipei Teahouse n. 1 a place where political allegiances and social rank were said to have been temporarily suspended in favour of honest and rational discourse. 2. Indie-tronica duo from Christchurch, New Zealand

Husband and Wife duo Andrew and Victoria Knopp put together 'The Response' as a retaliation against the covers, and session gigs that make up the majority of the music they play.

Andrew and Victoria Knopp are the duo that make up Christchurch, New Zealand based indie-pop act, The Response.

While most bands just worry about noise control getting called to their practice space, spare a thought for Tom Lark, whose routine practice space was demolished in the aftermath of the September 2010 earthquake.

The EP was recorded mid last year while we were in Spain with our engineer / parent / life coach Joseph Veale. Our Spanish booking agent has this amazing villa in Mallorca that he let us stay in for about 3 weeks, to record songs that were written during our tours in 2011.

After a busy year Ipswich have: signed to New Zealand's Muzai Records; won the RDU Round up  band competition (consisting of 70 entrants from the South Island of New Zealand);  toured the country twice; Charted across New Zealands bnet radio stations; been apart of the Flying Nun 30

My name is Zack Simpson. I am from Christchurch, New Zealand. I have been writing music since I was eleven. I started writing after I fell in love and had my heart broken. Also the Earthquakes had a huge impact on my life and helped me to write a lot of songs and also losing loved one.

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