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Other Great Casinos in New Zealand

Gambling in New Zealand acts as a source of income to the government with all gambling being controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs. The gambling activities are expected to return profits to the community. Most rampant in the New Zealand society are brick and mortar casinos which are usually based inside a building. The buildings in which these casinos are housed are usually made to look luxurious so that they may seem attractive to visitors. They are mostly conducted alongside hotels, discos, restaurants, and other tourist baits. The gambling activities in New Zealand started in the 18th century. Gambling in the country has experienced ups and downs as they were banned a while later before Christchurch found a breakthrough in 1994. Thus, becoming the impetus to casino gaming to thrive in the country. Some of the popular brick and mortar casinos in New Zealand include Skycity Auckland, Dunedin, Skycity Queenstown, Skycity Wharf, and Skycity Hamilton.

Skycity Auckland Casino

This casino is deemed to be the hugest brick and mortar casino in New Zealand. It was opened in 1996. Its location is possibly one of the reasons it is deemed largest as it is located in Auckland, the second-largest city in New Zealand. It is also worth noting that the above casino is the only casino located in Auckland city. The casino is based in a Sky Tower facility where apart from playing games, visitors are offered other intriguing endeavors. Visitors can enjoy themselves in the theater, 12 bars, hotels, restaurants, and a convention center. The entire facility is imbued with a luxurious elegant lifestyle. Concerning the gaming section, it comprises 2000 cash slot games and more than 150 table games including Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. Anyone wishing to enjoy casino games in a fancy and unique environment, the Skycity Auckland is the place to be. Many people visiting the casino facility are attracted by more than gaming. The good thing with the casino is that it does not constitute time restrictions, it operates around the clock. Insofar as restrictions are concerned, only persons beyond the age of twenty are allowed in the facility which prevents underage gaming. It is worth noting that despite the fact that casino gaming is considered an entertainment activity, it is not appropriate for school going children as it would negatively influence their academic life. The casino can be reached through telephone calls and emails. Players should also note that the casino requires one to familiarize themselves with the standard dress code. Some of the garments that are not allowed in the facility include sleeveless tops, damaged clothing, Jandals, sunglasses, dirty shoes, hats, and gang colors. Players enjoy a myriad of privileges in the form of bonuses and treat VIP members with exclusivity by offering them private rooms and gaming machine rooms.

Dunedin Casino

As the name suggests, the casino is located in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand. It is deemed the perfect place for players longing to play in a place that is imbued with exclusive fun. The casino was designed to make life easier for the player and most of its floor space constitutes several slots. The casino staff ensures that their customers are well served. One of their most conspicuous advantages is that they have cheap gaming modes where amateur players can practice at low risks. Just like the Skycity casino, it operates on a 24/7 basis. Thus, players should never experience time limitations. Gambling in the facility can either be table games, video poker, and slot machines. It is a fantastic place for all gamers including the inexperienced ones as they are not contrived to spend huge amounts of money. In that regard, players can enjoy gaming for long periods of time. The casino facility offers a players club which is usually a rewards program that provides players with bonuses for all their spending in the facility. It is located inside the Southern Cross Hotel. Visitors can experience other forms of entertainment in the hotel. The hotel rooms are imbued with captivating interior design and elegant looking floors. One unique aspect of the casino is that it allows visitors to view the floor of the casino from various angles while in the restaurants and bars. The casino is also characterized by frequent comedians and other kinds of shows.

Queenstown Casino

This casino is located in the city of Queenstown. It is located in a geographically appealing environment as it bounds ski areas, mountain biking, and Whitewater rafting. The facility attracts both kiwi and foreign visitors annually. It was opened in 2000 and has ever since served as a representative of responsible gaming. The geographical advantage of the facility enables visitors and players to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Concerning regulations, the casino only allows persons beyond twenty years of age. For anyone to be allowed in the casino, they have to prove their age by showing either their ID or passport. Staff members in this casino do not allow skirmishes caused by alcoholism as they are trained to spot such incidences and resolve them immediately. Even though the government prohibits smoking in the casinos, visitors, or players in this facility should not worry themselves as they can smoke outside the facility.

Skycity Wharf Casino

This casino was started in 2000 as a branch of the Skycity casino in Auckland. It is based in Queenstown and attracts numerous New Zealanders and tourists. It is characterized as a boutique casino and it is known to offer its customers a great experience insofar as gaming is concerned. It may not be as huge as some other gambling facilities, but its staff ensures that players are offered a great experience. Players are usually offered rewards such as food and drinks. Concerning regulations, they allow people to bring their friends in the facility even those that are below the recommended age. Though such customers are not allowed on the floor of the casino. It is, therefore, a fantastic place for people even below the required age to entertain themselves.

Tips Before Visiting Christchurch Casino

When you and your family are in Christchurch, New Zealand, there will be so many things to see, places to visit, food to try, people to meet, and views to see. The possibilities are endless, when you think of the beautifications New Zealand has to offer. It’s hard to make sure you have time to visit every place you want to visit and see everything you wanted to see, in such little time. When it comes to having a little fun, and excitement the Casinos are a great place to start. If you have never been to a casino, or not sure what is in store for you, there are so many different tips that may help your transition go a little smoother. Here are some tips for the most popular Christchurch Casino

Tip #1

The amazingly stunning Christchurch Casino a very popular Casino in Christchurch New Zealand, mainly due to its outstanding structure. Christchurch Casino has the pleasure of having a magnificent location. Located right smack in the middle of Christchurch, that way it’s seen by anyone oncoming. The Christchurch Casino is wrapped with non stop elegant windows. From the front door to the roof, are windows to make the view better, and your playing experience one to remember.

Tip #2

Christchurch Casino is open seven days a week for your convenience. Christchurch Casino is always striving to satisfy any of your Casino needs. There is also support desks, technical support, and guest support available as well. In a New Zealand Casino, a customer has to be at least twenty years of age to enter the established. Anyone twenty years or older can come in a have the time of their lives. Come on down and enjoy the amazing atmosphere in New Zealand, and try your luck at the most popular casino in New Zealand.

Tip #3

Christchurch Casino is nestled up in one big magnificent venue. Once at the Casino, and you get hungry, no worries. Great food, from top-notch restaurants are offered to guests. If your party, likes to throw down on some food, no problem, the Casino has so many different restaurants to choose from. The menus are endless, and so is the excitement the Casino has to offer. The Casino also offers bar experiences, whether you want a adult drink or a coffee. Come and enjoy some amazing food, and breathtaking tastes at the amazing Christchurch Casino.

Tip #4

Christchurch Casino offers a 500 slot machine games that are available for you to choose from. They also have a combination of 36 different table games, such as blackjack, craps, Texas hold’em, and baccarat that the public are welcomed to play. If you want to try your luck, this Casino is the place for you and your family to be. Not only Casino game are available at this Casino. They also have very talented live entertainment available seven days a week. Bring your family and enjoy a little casino playing, great food, awesome people, live entertainment, and a never-ending exciting atmosphere. Come watch a live show, try your luck on the slots, or sit down and enjoy some table games. Good luck everyone.

Tip #5

There are ways to get money saved up, so you can play more, without using all your hard-earned money. No ones wants to go broke while trying to enjoy themselves at the Casino. Due to that, The Casino has came up with ways for you to earn and win rewards. Power Winners is an exciting way to win Premier Bonus Dollars or instant prizes. Bonus Play is another way to get rewarded for more fun and extreme excitement. Celebration Bonus is for eligible members and they will be invited to claim a Premier Bonus on selected celebration days. Free Play allows members to collect bonuses on selected Free Playdays. On the day of scheduled events players must use their own Premier Play Card on the machine. Once a player has gathered enough point, the rewards are saved on their card. Always remember to insert your Premium Play Card. Let the fun begin. Good luck.

Tip #6

VIP Member have the best time at the Christchurch Casino, hands down. That’s mainly true to perks it has to offer. The Casino offers Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers a member can achieve. These tiers offer a player to earn points, and earn percentages back on cash and food purchases. Platinum tier and Black tier are invitation-only clubs. Club Aspinall is a VIP member-only area inside the Casino that includes exclusive, intimate, and private environments, those standard players are not permitted. The Aspinall a club is VIP Gaming Lounge located at the top level of the Casino. Once a player starts playing at the Casino, they will start at the bottom tier and work their way up. Once a player, plays long enough and gets enough points, they will be invited to more exclusive clubs such as Platinum and Black Clubs. Let the magic begin at the Christchurch Casino.

Christchurch Casino is a definite must-see in Christchurch New Zealand. The area offers scenic views that you can’t see anywhere else. Intertwining with fascinating new people from all around the world. Professional Chefs that are creating masterpiece after masterpiece, with their top-notch Culinary skills, here at the at Christchurch Casino.

Top Six Things to Do in Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful seaside areas on New Zealand’s South Island. When visiting, you will have more than enough to do. Whether you are looking for culture in a historic museum, gaming excitement in the Christchurch Casino, or an adventure excursion in the nearby ski slopes, there is something for everyone. The following article explores some of the best things to do during your trip to Christchurch.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Christchurch is the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. Founded in 1863 to honor the marriage of Prince Albert and Princess Alexandra of Denmark, the gardens provide a sprawling 21 hectares of lush plant life for beautiful garden escape. These gardens have it all for all types. Those rose lovers amongst us will adore the Heritage Rose Garden, which truly comes to life in the summer. Those looking for more exotic options can check out the conservatory complex that has a Victorian glasshouse featuring many tropical varieties and cacti. Those more adventurous will appreciate the Giplin House, where they can find a collection of carnivorous plants. Just don’t get too close! And for the medically inclined, the Herb Garden by the Curator’s house is a can’t miss for its collection of medicinal plants and herbs. There is also a dedicated Erica Garden, which displays gorgeous Ericas and Callunas which stay on display year-round. No matter what your inclinations, you will simply adore your time here.

Canterbury Museum

Geology buffs would especially enjoy visiting the Canterbury Museum in downtown Christchurch. This museum features many beautiful geological artifacts, including moa bones, plants, birds, rocks and minerals. It also includes many other locally donated artifacts, flora and fauna for display. Make sure to check out the traditional exhibits to get a classic piece of Christchurch cultural experience. Those less interested in geology will still find themselves a good amount of points of interest by checking out the Ravenscar House across the street from the Canterbury Museum. Still under construction, once ready The Ravenscar House will feature the beautiful Ravenscar Collections of some of New Zealand’s most celebrated artists, including Frances Hodgkins, Charles Frederick Goldie and Gottfried Lindauer. The pieces will be featured in four rooms scattered throughout the house. The house will also include a landscaped garden and a central courtyard. No matter what you decide upon while here, you will be sure to find something quite of interest.

Margaret Mahy Family Playground

Those looking for a fun family outing could do no wrong visiting the Margaret Mahy Family Playground. Located in the Central City, this area will be sure to delight younger children and provide a wonderful respite for their parents to sit and watch them play. Named for children’s author Margaret Mahy, the park features all kinds of fun play equipment, including the perfunctory slides swings and jungle gyms. However what sets it apart is the sheer size and variety of the usual playthings. For example, the slides come in all different shapes and sizes, including swirly slides, the swings are in funny shapes. The giant playground also includes less common playground equipment, such as giant sandpits, flying foxes, interactive fountains and spinning rides. It even has a trampoline!

There are rope net courses and climbing walls as well. No matter what kind of play you are looking to get into, you will be sure to find something fun to do while at this playground. So check it out, just make sure to set a time limit, because you might wind up spending the whole day here!

Christchurch Casino

One of Christchurch’s crown-jewel entertainment landmarks is the Christchurch Casino. Located in the heart of the Central City, the Christchurch Casino is your one-stop-shop for all of your gaming entertainment needs. This place has it all. Test your luck at any of its 34 table games, including blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, or Tai Sai. For blackjack fans on a budget, you even have the popular $2 blackjack game available evenings every Wednesday through Saturday. If unwinding at the slots is more your speed, you can sit at one of the more than 500 slot machines available. Using the simple ticket system, you can easily get pulling the arm of your favorite one-armed bandit. There are machines available for any gaming budget as well, ranging from as low as 1 cent to $2, with multi-denominational and multi-line options galore.

Looking to compete with your fellow gamer instead of the house? Well take a seat at a table in the casino’s illustrious Poker Room and raise and bluff your way to glory. There, you can sit at any one of 6 different cash game varieties at various limits, playing either No-Limit Hold’em or Pot-Limit Omaha. You also have the option of playing in various weekly tournaments, in either hold’em or PLO, including Deep Stack Turbo and Rotation styles.

Once you’ve scratched your gaming itch and taken in some winnings, what better way to celebrate than a nice hearty meal? Well at the Christchurch Casino, you need not travel far, as you have at your convenience an in-house Sports Bar, the Monza Sportsbar. At Monza, you can fill your belly with your favorite sports bar staples, such as handmade pizza, burgers or ribs, and then wash it down with your favorite craft beer or regional wine. During your meal, you won’t miss the big game while enjoying it with your companions on their huge 208 inch LCD wall.

Mt. Hutt Skiing

For the ski bums and bunnies out there, Christchurch is a quick 2-hour drive away in the glorious Mt Hutt Skifield. Situated to the west of the Canterbury Plains, Mt Hutt rises up to 2190 meters above sea level and features over 365 hectares of skiable area. The Mt Hutt Ski area is an award-winning Ski resort that will cater to all of your snow sports needs. The resort features plenty of amenities for the whole family, including easy rental options and a fully stocked cafe. For kids, they have a fully licensed Early Learning Centre for young children between 3-5 years, or School Holiday programs for children 5-15 years.Plus, children under 10 years of age get their lift passes for free.

Waipara Wine Trail

When traveling to New Zealand you would be remiss to pass on opportunities to visit their famous wineries. New Zealand is known worldwide for their delicious wines and a must-stop for any oenophile. The key to quality wine here is the rich soil and mild climate. Luckily while in Christchurch you are nearby several wineries worth visiting. One good choice is the Waipara Valley in the Caterbury region. Just a short one-hour drive from Christchurch, the Waipara Valley is home to dozens of boutique wineries, including Waipara Hills, Pegasus Bay, Greystone Wines and Muddy Water. You can visit any of these individually, or take an organized wine trail tour. During the tour make sure to not just indulge in the poignant pinot noirs and rieslings, but also get your eats on at many of the dining establishments along the trail. Many of the wineries have food options, but there are also plenty of restaurants along the trail as well to make your country excursion complete.

Final Thoughts

Christchurch has everything you need for an amazing stay in New Zealand’s South Island. You have exciting casino gaming at the beautiful Christchurch Casino. You have fun for the kids at the playground. You can learn about geological artifacts and beautiful local art at the Canterbury Museum. Or just take a short excursion to the beautiful nearby wineries or ski slopes. Whatever you decide to do, you will be sure to have made some amazing memories during your time while in Christchurch.

Winning at Blackjack

Tips on How to Increase Your Odds of Winning at Blackjack

There is no blueprint to winning or predicting the outcomes of casino games. The domain is so vulnerable and volatile that any moment the tables can turn against or to your favour. And there is no way you can chart out the outcomes and guarantee yourself a win. But what you can do is understand the games a little better and get the hang of the strategies that can be used to play these games. Awareness of the games and an in-depth understanding is what shall enhance your chances of winning a fair hand at the casinos. The game that we have decided to discuss is the classic game of blackjack. We shall look into the ways in which you can hope to beat the odds at the game and bring home a fair amount of money.

Only Play With Liberal Blackjack Rules:

The game of blackjack has several rules that dominate its fore, and you must be able to scour through the plethora of rules to understand which one works the best for you and which ones promise a higher chance of winning. Over-complicating things will only result in delusions regarding the game, and this might lead to losing more rounds than usual.

Blackjack Rules

You Can Always Refer to Strategy Cards:

To begin with, strategy cards are instruction cards that guide you through your decision-making process. It is legitimate to use these cards while playing your game and casinos do not usually take offence in this move. Strategy cards ensure that you are leading down the right road and following the strategy cards can help you beat the odds.

Do Not Pay Much Attention to the Other Players:

It is downright tempting to see how the other players at the table are progressing with their games. But this practice can only cause you a tremendous amount of distraction. While it is always a great idea to keep an eye out for significant clues that can turn the table to your favour, do not go overboard with, lest your chances of winning could take a blow.

Do Not Chase Losses or Go for Progressive Betting:

Progressive Betting:

Opting for progressive betting or chasing losses will only diminish your chance of winning a hand in the subsequent rounds because decisions made in a hurry and to make up for losses often turns out to be terrible. Also, you must avoid deciding the size of your wager based upon how much you have lost or won in the previous rounds.

Finally, Avoid Being Inebriated:

People tend to enjoy some booze with casino games. But it is highly recommended that you keep drinking to a minimum or chuck it out of the routine in its entirety. Drinking can lead to intoxication, which can lead to making irresponsible and careless decisions. Therefore, keep your sanity in place while you are going about a game of blackjack to see to it that you have made the right decisions all along.


Slot Machines

A Quick Guide to Slot Machines

One of the most entertaining parts of a casino is the slot machine, and they have been around for quite a long time. From traditional slot machines that had levers attached to them to be operated manually, to video slot games in high-end animation, a lot has changed. Plus, people do not even have to run to a land-based casino every time they want to appease their cravings for playing a few slot games. They can do so from the convenience of their homes as well. But, in order to be able to have fun with the slot machines, it is imperative that you know a bit about them, to begin with. You need to understand the rules and regulations that dominate them, so that you can see to it that you get the best experience out of these machines.

The Outcomes are Random:

It is important to note that the outcomes that slot machines come up with are generated by the Random Number Generator and thus, cannot be appropriately predicted. You could do a quick math to understand the probabilities, but much of it depends upon your luck. So do not try to break your head over coming up with strategies.

Outcomes are Random

Read the Rules on the Pay Table:

The rules that dominate the slot machines are all written down on the pay table, and it is important that you review these rules before you start playing. Most people ignore the rules and as a result, end up losing rounds that could have been won easily. Therefore, do not overlook the pay table and invest some amount of time in reading them through.

Use the Bonuses:

Bonuses are up for grabs and it advisable to use these bonuses so that you can shave down your risks and play more rounds. The more you play, the higher will your chances be at winning. Therefore, see to it that you know which bonuses you must use and how to use them appropriately.

Play at Casinos that Have the Best Pay Outs:

You need to sign up for online casinos or walk into a land-based casino that has the best pay out schemes. You must see to it that the time and effort you are investing in playing at these casinos are valued, and you are paid well; lest there shall be no use of playing these slots.


Casinos, whether land-based or online, have a variety of slot games to offer. You might not be cut out for every kind of slot game, and therefore, you need to do your research to understand which ones work the best for you. With that, and the aforementioned points, you can win these slot games and enjoy your casino experience better.

Christchurch Casino

All That You Need to Know About Christchurch Casino

In terms of popularity and service, everyone is well aware of the Christchurch casino. It has been moving ahead on a positive note by providing customers with the aspects that they need. Apart from being a well-structured casino, it only stands to provide an ample amount of satisfaction for its customers. Since all this adds up to a good note, we decided to dig further details about the Christchurch Casino. So to be more specific and to spread the word, here’s all that you need to know about Christchurch Casino.

History and Present

The Christchurch Casino was first opened in 1994. At that point, the casino was the first official and functional casino in the country. During those times, the area was not considered to be a prime spot since barring the casino; one couldn’t find anything else. But over the years, things have changed due to this particular casino. The place around the casino began to evolve, and today, you will find luxury hotels and other places that cater to tourists demands. Apart from that, the casino itself has been through a syringe of changes. It’s grown in size and includes restaurants, bars and numerous other games to suit leading choices.

first official

The Games

Christchurch Casino is owned by Sky City Entertainment Group, which also happens to be the largest well-established gambling company in the country. So naturally, you are going to get a ton of options as far as gambling is concerned. The Christchurch casino now includes over 500 slot machines, 34 table games and so on. These games offer the real experience of gambling; unlike what you find elsewhere. The table games that have been mentioned include some of the best and most popular games like Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat and Poker, among others. Apart from all this, the casino also plays a host to a huge number of poker tournaments. Be it big or small, Christchurch casino comes ahead to support it.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

The current needs for a casino do not end up being gambling alone. Instead, it goes up to food and other types of necessities. Keeping that in mind, the Christchurch casino does not disappoint. The casino has three restaurants and two bars, which are strategically placed at the right location. So by all means, you can come over for a meal or a drink after being tired of all the gambling.


The Christchurch Casino has been here right from the very beginning. Be it features or innovation; the casino offers everything. So keep in mind the information mentioned above and pay a visit to the world-famous Christchurch Casino to solve all your gambling needs.

Casino Salary

Average Christchurch Casino Salary in New Zealand

There was a time when anything even remotely associated with casinos and gambling would only spell doom. The only picture that one would have painted in front of their eyes was that of annihilation and compulsive gambling behaviour. Therefore, thinking of casinos as an industry that could promise a steady flow of income and growth was a far cry. But, things have changed quite a lot and for the better. People are now willingly signing up to casinos to make a living out of the fore. And in all honesty, the salary that comes along with the different positions of working in a casino is not something that one could ignore. And there is no better proof of the fact than the average salary of an employee at the Christchurch Casino in New Zealand. In case you have not heard much about the casino, read on to enlighten yourself about one of the most famous casinos in the country.

famous casino

The Christchurch Casino in New Zealand:

The Christchurch was the first casino that New Zealand saw in its territories in 1994. Casino and gambling laws were quite complicated in the country for a long time, and there were not many casinos that could openly operate in New Zealand. However, Christchurch came in as quite a welcome relief. The casino does not only offer over five-hundred slot machine games and about thirty-four table games, but also provides lucrative employment opportunities to all those who want to make a career in this industry.

Career Opportunities in Christchurch Casino:

Most people think that casinos hardly have any job to offer. But that is hardly the case when you start investigating. Most of us have grown up with the idea that the only jobs that one could find at a casino are waiting at the tables or moderating table games. However, Christchurch casinos have several job listings from bartending and chefs to managers and security officials. And each of these jobs is highly-paid and reputable, to say the least.

The Average Salary of a Christchurch Employee:


Christchurch Casino has no dearth of employment opportunities and that too, highly-paid ones. On looking into the domain in greater details, you will see that a maintenance manager in the Christchurch casino gets paid in the range of NZ$55k – NZ$100k, while a purchasing manager has an average salary range of NZ$49k – NZ$88k. These figures are also subject to variation with experience and expertise. Therefore, the more on-the-job experience you have, the better will you be paid. These are enough reasons to take up a job in New Zealand’s first-ever casino.


The casinos make for a wonderful industry if you are prepared to look at the brighter side of the domain. You can make a steady income out of the domain and go on to build an amazing and well-reputed career for yourself if you have the patience and passion for it.

Christchurch Casino

Christchurch Casino Review 2020

Christchurch offers plenty of casino options to the gamblers from around the world. It offers a great place to play the classic casino games, humble hospitality, and big jackpots. Ir is run by Skyline Enterprises, which makes sure that their brand reputation is maintained.

You can try out the top quality restaurants to eat while getting luxury accommodations in the best hotels. Christchurch casino provides a shuttle service for free. There are over 500 machines to play on and 36 high-stake tables to bet on table games.


Facilities available in the Christchurch Casino


One can find all the classic casino games in the Christchurch casino, including the latest slot games. The most popular games include blackjack, baccarat, Tai Sai, poker, 3-card poker, Texas hold’em poker, casino war rapid roulette, and more.


The casino offers several reward programs to the guests, which promise an entertaining time to them. There are several offers such as free birthday means, anniversary celebrations, and on request announcements. You can also plan a wedding while booking the Christchurch Casino for your guests.

Opening hours

The Christchurch Casino is mostly open during the night around the week, but it has its limits, except for Friday and Saturday. It is open for 24 hours on the weekend and Sunday until 3 am. From Monday to Thursday the casino remains open from 11 am to 3 am.

Age restriction

Age restriction

The age restriction for entering the Christchurch Casino is 20 years. One needs to provide a valid ID proof registered with any government office. There is a separate gaming area where the below 20 guests can enjoy no-money games as well as other arcade games.

Food and beverages

The Christchurch casino provides an in-house bar and restaurant of the top class. You can enjoy the most delicious cuisines or enjoy the entertaining bartenders make you the finest cocktails. It is a really enjoyable ambience inside the bar and restaurant which provides a completely different experience than the casino.


The casino accepts cash and card payments. There are multiple ATMs alongside the casino for quick cash withdrawal.

Loyalty Rewards

There are special loyalty rewards available in the casino for regular guests. You can sign up for the premiere reward program with which you can redeem reward points. You will also receive discounts on the onsite restaurants, bars, and parking facility.

The gifts of the premium dollar bonus club include credits that you can use for gaming machines and free betting chips. There is a VIP gaming lounge, Club Aspinall, which is an invite-only area. Being a part of the premium dollar bonus club can also grant you access to this VIP area. One can also get free meals for birthday in the grand café.


Christchurch Hotel

Christchurch Hotels Near Christchurch Casino

The Christchurch Casino in New Zealand is one of the most reputable and well-known casinos in the country. It is, in fact, the first casino that New Zealand had ever seen, and one that was built in 1994. From offering over 500 slot machine games to over 34 table games, Christchurch Casinos have a myriad of activities to offer to its visitors. And that is also why tourists, who visit the country, make it a point to set foot in the casino at least one time before they leave. This frenzy around Christchurch Casino has led to the establishment of several hotels within the radius of the casino that cater to the needs of the tourists and make it easy for them to reach the casino in a jiffy. We shall now be looking into some of the best hotels that you can check-in while you are in New Zealand, so that visiting the casino does not have to mean covering long and arduous distances.

Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square Hotel:

A bit pricy than the rest that we are going to mention on the list, the Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square Hotel is a tourist’s delight. The rooms are not humongous, but they are cosy with all the necessary facilities well-stocked and arranged in the rooms. Novotel also sees to it that hygiene is at the top of their priorities, and they have made quite a name for their exemplary services.

Cathedral Square

Crowne Plaza Christchurch:

Located in the heart of the city, the Crowne Plaza Christchurch is just a stone’s throw from the Christchurch Casino. The location makes it a much-resorted to hotel by tourists who visit the country and want to frequent the casino. Not many might have heard about this hotel, but the hotel is comfortable and has staffs that are on their toes to serve you with the very best.

Heritage Christchurch:

The Heritage Christchurch is only about 0.7 km away from the casino and has services up their sleeves that shall never fail to impress you. You get to be amidst some greenery and sunshine while you enjoy the services of the hotel like nowhere else. Also, a major drawing point of this hotel is that they give you the feel of staying at home, even though you are not at home. Thus, if you want a home away from home feeling, make sure that you check-in to the Heritage Christchurch.

Sudima Christchurch City:

Sudima Christchurch City

This hotel is probably the closest to the Christchurch Casino, with just 0.2 km between the casino and the hotel. This hotel is highly recommended for all those who want to commute to and fro from the casino to the hotel in no time, while also enjoying the quality services of the hotel at a reasonable price.


The aforementioned hotels are the ones that you must check with if you ever plan on visiting New Zealand. These hotels are centrally located, thus, making it easy for you to move around the city better and help you have a great vacation in the country.


The Best Hotels Near Christchurch Casino

Christchurch Casino is popular for providing a quality experience to the locals and tourists in the city of Christchurch. Every year, professional gamblers from around the world gather in the Christchurch casino to take part in some of the most popular gambling events. Due to the popularity of Christchurch casino, many hotels have opened up in the city to provide accommodation and comfort to the guests. Here are the best hotels near the Christchurch casino that you can stay at.

Distinction Christchurch Hotel

This hotel provides a luxurious stay at Cathedral Square. It is a sophisticated urban escape which offers large rooms and beds along with top-class restaurants and other facilities. The staff is also hospitable and helpful in providing information about the casino and nearby markets.

Distinction Christchurch Hotel

Crowne Plaza Christchurch

This is a 4.5-star hotel which is located in the centre of the CBD. It is only a 6-min walk away from the Christchurch Casino and is a perfect stay for families. The hotel also hosts private events for special days including birthdays and anniversaries. The rooms are comforting, and the breakfast is amazing.

Commodore Airport Hotel Christchurch

This hotel is situated only 5 minutes away from Christchurch International Airport. They offer a 24-hour shuttle service to the casino, an indoor swimming pool, a hot tub, and a fitness centre to keep your routine running.

Commodore Airport Hotel Christchurch

Whitewood Motel Inner City Luxury Apartments

These guest apartments offer several facilities, including AC rooms, free WiFi, free private parking, and room service. The apartments are located in a beautiful location and are kept extremely clean. It is only a 10-minute walk away from the city centre where the Churchchrist Casino is situated.

Sudima Christchurch City

This hotel is neat accommodation located on Victoria Street. It has been rated 5-star for a boutique hotel. It is surrounded by plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars. It is a new hotel with the fresh touches in the designs as well as the relaxing garden area for morning and evening walks.

Rydges Latimer Christchurch

This hotel offers plenty of services, including free WiFi, free limited parking, in-house restaurant, and comfortable AC rooms. The hotel staff is very polite and often get reviews for fulfilling the requirements of their clients. It is only a 5-min walk from the New Regent Street and the Christchurch Casino.

Le Petit hotel

Le Petit hotel

The hotel offers free WiFi and laptops for the guests and a 2-min walk from the Summer Beach. Le petit hotel is a comforting small size hotel which hosts a beautiful experience while you stay there. There are regular shuttle services from the hotel to the Christchurch café.

Merivale Manor

It is one of the oldest hotels in the Christchurch which was built in the 1880s. It offers elegant luxury accommodation and many facilities like AC, free WiFi. It is a quality hotel which is only a five-minute drive away from all the city destinations.

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