Average Christchurch Casino Salary in New Zealand

Average Christchurch Casino Salary in New Zealand

There was a time when anything even remotely associated with casinos and gambling would only spell doom. The only picture that one would have painted in front of their eyes was that of annihilation and compulsive gambling behaviour. Therefore, thinking of casinos as an industry that could promise a steady flow of income and growth was a far cry. But, things have changed quite a lot and for the better. People are now willingly signing up to casinos to make a living out of the fore. And in all honesty, the salary that comes along with the different positions of working in a casino is not something that one could ignore. And there is no better proof of the fact than the average salary of an employee at the Christchurch Casino in New Zealand. In case you have not heard much about the casino, read on to enlighten yourself about one of the most famous casinos in the country.

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The Christchurch Casino in New Zealand:

The Christchurch was the first casinos in New Zealand saw in its territories in 1994. Casino and gambling laws were quite complicated in the country for a long time, and there were not many casinos that could openly operate in New Zealand. However, Christchurch came in as quite a welcome relief. The casino does not only offer over five-hundred slot machine games and about thirty-four table games, but also provides lucrative employment opportunities to all those who want to make a career in this industry.

Career Opportunities in Christchurch Casino:

Most people think that casinos hardly have any job to offer. But that is hardly the case when you start investigating. Most of us have grown up with the idea that the only jobs that one could find at a casino are waiting at the tables or moderating table games. However, Christchurch casinos have several job listings from bartending and chefs to managers and security officials. And each of these jobs is highly-paid and reputable, to say the least.

The Average Salary of a Christchurch Employee:


Christchurch Casino has no dearth of employment opportunities and that too, highly-paid ones. On looking into the domain in greater details, you will see that a maintenance manager in the Christchurch casino gets paid in the range of NZ$55k – NZ$100k, while a purchasing manager has an average salary range of NZ$49k – NZ$88k. These figures are also subject to variation with experience and expertise. Therefore, the more on-the-job experience you have, the better will you be paid. These are enough reasons to take up a job in New Zealand’s first-ever casino.


The casinos make for a wonderful industry if you are prepared to look at the brighter side of the domain. You can make a steady income out of the domain and go on to build an amazing and well-reputed career for yourself if you have the patience and passion for it.