All That You Need to Know About Christchurch Casino

All That You Need to Know About Christchurch Casino

In terms of popularity and service, everyone is well aware of the Christchurch casino. It has been moving ahead on a positive note by providing customers with the aspects that they need. Apart from being a well-structured casino, it only stands to provide an ample amount of satisfaction for its customers. Since all this adds up to a good note, we decided to dig further details about the Christchurch Casino. So to be more specific and to spread the word, here’s all that you need to know about Christchurch Casino.

History and Present

The Christchurch Casino was first opened in 1994. At that point, the casino was the first official and functional casino in the country. During those times, the area was not considered to be a prime spot since barring the casino; one couldn’t find anything else. But over the years, things have changed due to this particular casino. The place around the casino began to evolve, and today, you will find luxury hotels and other places that cater to tourists demands. Apart from that, the casino itself has been through a syringe of changes. It’s grown in size and includes restaurants, bars and numerous other games to suit leading choices.

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The Games

Christchurch Casino is owned by Sky City Entertainment Group, which also happens to be the largest well-established gambling company in the country. So naturally, you are going to get a ton of options as far as gambling is concerned. The Christchurch casino now includes over 500 slot machines, 34 table games and so on. These games offer the real experience of gambling; unlike what you find elsewhere. The table games that have been mentioned include some of the best and most popular games like Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat and Poker, among others. Apart from all this, the casino also plays a host to a huge number of poker tournaments. Be it big or small, Christchurch casino comes ahead to support it.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

The current needs for a casino do not end up being gambling alone. Instead, it goes up to food and other types of necessities. Keeping that in mind, the Christchurch casino does not disappoint. The casino has three restaurants and two bars, which are strategically placed at the right location. So by all means, you can come over for a meal or a drink after being tired of all the gambling.


The Christchurch Casino has been here right from the very beginning. Be it features or innovation; the casino offers everything. So keep in mind the information mentioned above and pay a visit to the world-famous Christchurch Casino to solve all your gambling needs.

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