Most Popular Online Casino Games

Most Popular Online Casino Games

Spin the wheel, flip a card, or pick a number. These actions are all part of the online casino world fun. This fun is available for people in most countries to enjoy, but not all. The Gambling Act of 2003 has prohibited online casinos to based in New Zealand, but that does not mean that Kiwi’s are left out of the fun. It is completely legal for them to play at NZ online casinos as long as those casinos are not housed within the country.  Residents in New Zealand are now joining in on this exciting chance to win some cash from the comforts of their own homes, and below are a list of some of the games that they enjoy the most.


Pokies are a favourite of Kiwi’s inside of the brick and mortar casino’s as well as in the online world. Just like in the real world counterpart the online slots appear the same. Players click on the spin button, or the player can click on the lever and the reels spin. Lights, sounds, action, and hopefully some big jackpot sounds all dance across the screen. Once upon a time ago, players in the brick and mortar casino would gather up coins on a big win, but those days have come to an end. Inside of a real-world casino, the players win will be added to a card that is slid into a slot. In the at-home version of the game players are not missing out on anything anymore as the players win will tally up in their account on the screen. In either place, at home or in the casino, pokies do vary from game to game. Some display movie-like animations while others are the straight forward 3 fruit scenario’s. Some online casino’s take part in a progressive jackpot while others are straight forward with the win. A progressive pot is one that is determined by every player that joins the game in the time slot given for that game. At the end of the time slot is when the winner is announced.


Kiwis love a good card game and having the chance to win some money while sitting at home is just another added perk. Blackjack appears to be a favourite of players in New Zealand in both the brick and mortar casino as well as in online ones. The rules are the same for both worlds. The players and dealer compete to see who can get closest to 21 points without going bust. Whoever is closest to 21 wins the cash. Online casino’s do have a few little additions to the card game. Some offer insurance, which is usually picked when the dealer is showing an ace up while the other card is still face down. Some games will allow players to double down, which is a good bet if the player has a great hand. Making a split is another option in some places. This allows players who have two of the same value card to create two hands.


Roulette is a fun, simple game that not only Kiwi’s enjoy playing in the online casino world, but is a hit around the globe. Players will pick a number and place a bet on it. The dealer will spin the wheel and the anticipation begins. The online casino wheels are governed by random number generators, and all reputable virtual casinos have them. This means that no one, not even the casino, is in control of what number will come up after a spin. There are a variety of roulette variations when it comes to playing them online. Some games have 37 numbers and others include numbers like 00.

Keno, Bingo, and the Lottery

Popular casino games like Keno, Bingo, and even the Lottery are all found in the online world of casinos. Each one will have a little different take than the brick and mortar games have, but all seem to be some of the most popular online casino games for New Zealand players. Reputable, legal online casinos will utilize random number generators to keep the game fair. Some of these games are part of progressive jackpots, which grow with every player that joins in the game. Other casinos have a certain pot that goes with the winner of that specific game.

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are quickly becoming a number 1 favourite in the online casino world. This excitement from this type of game comes from the socialization of it. Some live games only have a live dealer available for a chit chat during the game, but others have whole tables of players and a dealer to socialize with. There are quite a few different games found in the live dealer option but these will vary in each virtual casino. Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker are the more popular versions of the live dealer games and can be found more than other types of table games.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an old Chinese dice game that New Zealander’s enjoy playing both in brick and mortar casinos as well as in online ones. This is another game of chance, which most casino games are. The dealer will have 3 dice. The player will try to choose which 3 numbers that the dealer will roll and places a bet. Each casino will have some variation of betting, but most stay close to the original game. The type of bet will determine how much a person may or may not win.