Other Great Casinos in New Zealand

Other Great Casinos in New Zealand

Gambling in New Zealand acts as a source of income to the government with all gambling being controlled by the Department of Internal Affairs. The gambling activities are expected to return profits to the community. Most rampant in the New Zealand society are brick and mortar casinos which are usually based inside a building. The buildings in which these casinos are housed are usually made to look luxurious so that they may seem attractive to visitors. They are mostly conducted alongside hotels, discos, restaurants, and other tourist baits. The gambling activities in New Zealand started in the 18th century. Gambling in the country has experienced ups and downs as they were banned a while later before Christchurch found a breakthrough in 1994. Thus, becoming the impetus to casino gaming to thrive in the country. Some of the popular brick and mortar casinos in New Zealand include Skycity Auckland, Dunedin, Skycity Queenstown, Skycity Wharf, and Skycity Hamilton.

Skycity Auckland Casino

This casino is deemed to be the hugest brick and mortar casino in New Zealand. It was opened in 1996. Its location is possibly one of the reasons it is deemed largest as it is located in Auckland, the second-largest city in New Zealand. It is also worth noting that the above casino is the only casino located in Auckland city. The casino is based in a Sky Tower facility where apart from playing games, visitors are offered other intriguing endeavors. Visitors can enjoy themselves in the theater, 12 bars, hotels, restaurants, and a convention center. The entire facility is imbued with a luxurious elegant lifestyle. Concerning the gaming section, it comprises 2000 cash slot games and more than 150 table games including Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. Anyone wishing to enjoy casino games in a fancy and unique environment, the Skycity Auckland is the place to be. Many people visiting the casino facility are attracted by more than gaming. The good thing with the casino is that it does not constitute time restrictions, it operates around the clock. Insofar as restrictions are concerned, only persons beyond the age of twenty are allowed in the facility which prevents underage gaming. It is worth noting that despite the fact that casino gaming is considered an entertainment activity, it is not appropriate for school going children as it would negatively influence their academic life. The casino can be reached through telephone calls and emails. Players should also note that the casino requires one to familiarize themselves with the standard dress code. There are SkyCity Casino online bonus codes for those who prefer playing digitally. Some of the garments that are not allowed in the facility include sleeveless tops, damaged clothing, Jandals, sunglasses, dirty shoes, hats, and gang colors. Players enjoy a myriad of privileges in the form of bonuses and treat VIP members with exclusivity by offering them private rooms and gaming machine rooms.

Dunedin Casino

As the name suggests, the casino is located in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand. It is deemed the perfect place for players longing to play in a place that is imbued with exclusive fun. The casino was designed to make life easier for the player and most of its floor space constitutes several slots. The casino staff ensures that their customers are well served. One of their most conspicuous advantages is that they have cheap gaming modes where amateur players can practice at low risks. Just like the Skycity casino, it operates on a 24/7 basis. Thus, players should never experience time limitations. Gambling in the facility can either be table games, video poker, and slot machines. It is a fantastic place for all gamers including the inexperienced ones as they are not contrived to spend huge amounts of money. In that regard, players can enjoy gaming for long periods of time. The casino facility offers a players club which is usually a rewards program that provides players with bonuses for all their spending in the facility. It is located inside the Southern Cross Hotel. Visitors can experience other forms of entertainment in the hotel. The hotel rooms are imbued with captivating interior design and elegant looking floors. One unique aspect of the casino is that it allows visitors to view the floor of the casino from various angles while in the restaurants and bars. The casino is also characterized by frequent comedians and other kinds of shows.

Queenstown Casino

This casino is located in the city of Queenstown. It is located in a geographically appealing environment as it bounds ski areas, mountain biking, and Whitewater rafting. The facility attracts both kiwi and foreign visitors annually. It was opened in 2000 and has ever since served as a representative of responsible gaming. The geographical advantage of the facility enables visitors and players to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Concerning regulations, the casino only allows persons beyond twenty years of age. For anyone to be allowed in the casino, they have to prove their age by showing either their ID or passport. Staff members in this casino do not allow skirmishes caused by alcoholism as they are trained to spot such incidences and resolve them immediately. Even though the government prohibits smoking in the casinos, visitors, or players in this facility should not worry themselves as they can smoke outside the facility.

Skycity Wharf Casino

This casino was started in 2000 as a branch of the Skycity casino in Auckland. It is based in Queenstown and attracts numerous New Zealanders and tourists. It is characterized as a boutique casino and it is known to offer its customers a great experience insofar as gaming is concerned. It may not be as huge as some other gambling facilities, but its staff ensures that players are offered a great experience. Players are usually offered rewards such as food and drinks. Concerning regulations, they allow people to bring their friends in the facility even those that are below the recommended age. Though such customers are not allowed on the floor of the casino. It is, therefore, a fantastic place for people even below the required age to entertain themselves.